Management Group

Management Group

The Banks senior management group consists of the following persons:

      Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 
Gert R. Jonassen
      Executive Bank Director 
Jan Walther Andersen

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Svend Randers


Deputy Director
Simon Sinding Jørgensen

    Deputy Director
Signe T. Kreiner
    Deputy Director
Lone Kjærgaard

Cheif Financial Officer (CFO) 
Frank Mortensen

 Finn Hansen     HR Director 
Finn Hansen
 undefined     Communication & Marketing Director 
Peter Froulund
 Bent Bøjden     IT Director 
Bent Bøjden
 Leif Klinge     Director of Finance 
Leif Klinge
    Asset Director
Peter Normand
 Susanne Bechsgaard     Business Director 
Susanne Bechsgaard
undefined     Business Director 
Ulrik Stærmose
      Business Director
Ronni Tønder