Arbejdernes Landsbank employs about 1,100 people in Denmark.

The Bank’s organisation consists of an advisory Board of Representatives, a Board of Directors and Management.

The Bank has a number of business and support functions and its’ 61 branches fall under the responsibility of seven Business Managers. 

Arbejdernes Landsbank has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, AL Finans A/S, which specialises in car financing, leasing and factoring, and Ejendomsselskabet Sluseholmen A/S, which is the property company that owns the site on which the Arbejdernes Landsbank Group will build its new headquarters. Moreover Arbejdernes Landsbank holds almost 73% of the shares in Vestjysk Bank A/S.

Management of the Bank

Board of Directors of Arbejdernes Landsbank

The Board of Directors of A/S Arbejdernes Landsbank is composed of 12 members, including 8 elected by the General Meeting and four elected by employee. The term of office for members elected by the General Meeting is one year, and for the employee representatives four years. The Bank's Executive Management and the CRO participate at meetings of the Board of Directors. New members of the Board of Directors are recruited through a formal, thorough and transparent process aimed at achieving an optimal mix of necessary competences.

The Executive Management of Arbejdernes Landsbank

The Executive Management employed by the Board of Directors consists of 6 members. The Executive Management is composed of:

  • Gert R. Jonassen, CEO
  • Jan W. Andersen, Deputy CEO
  • Svend Randers, Executive Bank Director, Business
  • Simon Sinding Jørgensen, Executive Bank Director, Business Development, HR and IT
  • Frank Mortensen, Executive Bank Director, CFO
  • Gry Bandholm, Executive Bank Director, CRO

The Executive Management is the supreme daily management body observing the guidelines and instructions issued by the Board of Directors.